My First Book in Print!

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

So here’s a story about my first time seeing a book of mine on the shelf at the comics shop.

One of the things keeping me busy while Zip and Li’l Bit were on hiatus was that I was working on my first printed book. It’s a TOON Book called “Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework,” written by Nadja Spiegelman and drawn by yours truly. It’s available now at Amazon and good comics and book stores everywhere. If you haven’t heard of them, TOON Books are an award winning series of books for early readers published by RAW Junior. I give the books the highest recommendation, which is that of my six-year-old son, Clark, who loves them and typically demands them when we’re picking out stuff to read before bed.

About two weeks ago I stopped in to Rocketship, the comics shop in our neighborhood, and sitting there on the shelf were a bunch of copies of “Zig and Wikki.” It had just come out. Being it’s my first book, I’d always imagined I would be totally stoked to see it on the shelves, but when I saw it there I actually wasn’t that excited. I’d finished working on the book quite a few months ago and had advance copies at home, so seeing it on the shelf was actually a little anti-climatic.

A couple of days later I was out walking my dog and we walked by the comics shop and I and noticed the owner, who I’m friends with, was there so I stopped in to talk to him. As I was standing at the counter talking, a woman came up and bought a copy of “Zig and Wikki.” I’d been a little let down by my reaction to seeing the book in the store, but… Wow, seeing someone buy the book was an incredible thrill. Let me tell you, that was cool.

So that’s the story. I haven’t been back to the comics shop in about a week, but I hope all the books that they had on the shelves are gone. :)

Here’s a picture of a scene from the book. Zig is a young alien kid, and Wikki is his computer friend. They land their spaceship on Earth and have to collect an animal for a class assignment, but each time they find something that would be perfect, a bigger creature comes along and grabs it first.

Zig and Wikki catch a fly.