Life is Pretty Good Sometimes

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Gosh, I’ve been busy the last couple of days. It’s the weekend of the annual MoCCA Festival here in New York, so there’s that. But to start things off on Thursday, Nadja Spiegelman and I did our first ever book signing for our TOON Book, Zig and Wikki, at the Strand Bookstore here in New York City. It was great fun. Nadja’s famous mother and father were there, of course, and I had my wife and son along so it was a really nice family affair.

Nadja Spiegelman, myself, and a couple other people

That’s my editor, Francoise Mouly, myself, Nadja, and Art Spiegelman.

There was a party on Friday night and then I was up again bright and early this morning for another signing here in New York at Barnes and Noble where there were tons of kids. It was way intimidating. All I could think about was that the kids were going to overwhelm us as we stood up there reading, kind of like that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets beat up by all the little kids in his karate class. Thankfully, the people that worked at the store were great and the event went really well.

I went to check out the MoCCA Festival in the afternoon and hang out a little bit with my friend, Mike Dawson, who I used to work with at Scholastic. I came home with my backpack loaded with books and mini-comics, way more than I needed to buy, but there was just too much cool stuff.

Next weekend, on Sunday we’ll be heading down to Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Free Library Festival. If anyone will be around that afternoon, come by and say hello.