My Comic Dilemma

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I got a package in the mail this week from my aunt. She had a bunch of my cousin’s old comics in her attic and he had no interest in them, so she sent them to me. My cousin and I aren’t very close. I probably haven’t seen him in maybe, fifteen years, but… and this is the problem, the package she sent me had some crazy good comics in it, like House of Secrets #92, and Giant Size X-Men #1. I felt like a miner finding gold when I opened the package and started looking through the comics.

So now I’ve got a dilemma. Do I call my cousin up, out of the blue, and ask him if he wants me to send him his old comics because some of them are worth a few bucks? Or, do I tell myself they’re not really in that great shape anyway, so I can figure he really had no interest in them and consider it a pretty good deal for me?

This little episode has reminded me of one of the best parts about collecting comics when I was a kid, which was trading them with my brother or my friends, especially my brother because, being older, if I wasn’t able to trick him out of his comics, I could just beat him up. :)

Here’s some scans of some of my new loot:

My New Comics