Another Late Post

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Apologies go out to any Sunday morning readers for another comic post later in the day. I’ve been enjoying my summer weekends much too much I’m afraid. I hope folks won’t hold it against me.

I get asked a lot about when Zip and Li’l Bit will be available in print. Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured that one out yet, but for those of you looking for reading material on paper, let me direct you to a couple of friends of mine who do have their acts together. I went out earlier this week with UK import and current Brooklyn resident, Nick Abadzis, and former Brooklynite and present New Englander, Mike Lynch.

Mike (who I’ve mentioned a lot on this blog) is a terrific gag cartoonist. His work appears everywhere. Check out his website, and his book on cartooning available here

Nick is a fellow I’ve just met recently but I’d read his book, Laika, a few years back and was a huge fan. I recommend it to everyone. I loved it. Sadly, I’ve lent my copy out a number of times and have no idea who has it any longer. Otherwise, I’d re-read it right now. Check out Nick’s website here.