Zip and Li’l Bit Going on Vacation/Hiatus – UPDATED Oct. 17

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

UPDATE: Ugh! How did it get to be October 17th so quickly?

For all the readers who’ve made it back, you may notice that I don’t have a new comic up. :( It appears that Zip and Li’l Bit’s extended vacation will have to be even more extended. I feel awful about that. I’ve still got a bunch of work to kick out for the print book I’m working on, and my regular job has been keeping me busy for the past couple months too. I’d be a fool to complain about being too busy with work these days though, so I won’t.

The print job that I’m working on is another TOON Book for RAW Junior. It’ll be a sequel to the Zig and Wikki story I did last year with Nadja Spiegelman. It’s going great. Nadja has written a killer story for it, and I’m working hard on it right now.

Alas, for The Captain’s Quest, I’m going to have to push back posting again until after the holidays. Let’s make it Sunday, January 2nd. That should give everyone a day to recover from their New Year’s hangovers, right?

Hopefully, Zip and Li’t Bit’s house won’t sink in between now and then.