I’m Lovin’ Indie Spinner Rack

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

I recently discovered the podcast, Indie Spinner Rack. I’m a little late to the game as they’ve been at it for about five or six years now, but that’s actually a good thing for me because it just means that there’s tons of episodes I’ve never heard that I can enjoy. If you haven’t listened to this podcast before I highly recommend it. Here’s the best episodes I’ve listened to so far:

1) The Pitch featuring Chris Staros. The host of the show, Charlito, and his friends, Jon and Clayton, each come up with an idea for a comic then pitch their ideas to Chris Staros, the publisher of Top Shelf Productions. I’ve listened to this one twice. It’s hilariously funny, but also informative in that Chris Staros talks a lot about what he’s looking for as a publisher when he gets comics submissions and how he works with the artists and writers that he publishes.

2) Two-part Episode with Jeff Smith. Jeff Smith travels out to Queens and hangs out to record a super long podcast with the hosts of Indie Spinner Rack, Charlito and Mr. Phil. This is an incredibly fun show. I was a big fan of Jeff Smith’s before I listened to this two-part episode, but I’m way more of a fan now. All I can say is listen to the show. The guy is way cool.

3) The Unlikable. Charlito and guest host, The Phranque, discuss the trend of obnoxious, kind of despicable lead characters, or anti-heroes, in comics and graphic novels. This episode was actually pretty thought provoking. My wife listened to this one and made the comment that the anti-hero didn’t really appear in literature until it had become a mature art form. Does that mean comics have grown up?

So that’s some good listening for you. Go check out Indie Spinner Rack. And we’ll be back in two weeks with more Zip and Li’l Bit.