Li’l Bit’s Beginnings

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

When I thought up the character of Li’l Bit it was with this type of gag in mind. Originally, she was going to be a regular speaking character, but one of the first scenes I ever wrote with her and Zip consisted of Zip reading to her, but he wasn’t really reading he was just making stuff up, and so she whispered in his ear to let him know that he was full of it. I thought it was funny to have the reader figure out what she said based on Zip’s reaction to it. That was going to be the first page of The Upside-Down Me, but that little scene didn’t really say anything about the Upside-Down Me story, so I didn’t use it. Anyway, I liked the idea of her just whispering to Zip instead of talking and as I wrote the rest of the story, I made that her main trait.

I did use a gag similar to the one on today’s comic later on in The Upside-Down Me, on Page 35 where Li’l Bit is trapped under a giant statue-type toy and the Upside-Down Me scolds her for causing all kinds of trouble. So, I guess I’m kind of guilty of recycling my gags, but I think it’s important that a sea-faring tale like this has some appropriately salty language, don’t you?