New Olympians Book: The Glory of Hera

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

My fellow Brooklyn resident, George O’Connor, has a new book, the third installment in his Olympians series coming out real soon. This one is The Glory of Hera. I really dug the first two books of this series, Zeus, King of the Gods, and Athena, Grey-Eyed Goddess, so I’m stoked for the next one. I actually wasted a whole weekend when the Athena book came out last year running around to different comics shops and bookstores trying to find it because I was so excited to read it. This time around I’m going to save myself that hassle and just order it from Amazon.

On another topic, I had a surreal experience this week. My son was one of group of kids in a documentary piece done for the USA Network for a thing they’re doing called the Character Project. As part of that, there have been posters for it in practically every subway station here in New York. It’s been trippy to walk into the subway station and see my son’s picture up there. Thankfully, I haven’t seen a poster yet that has a mustache drawn on his face. That would bum me out.

The picture screened in New York last weekend, and I think is San Francisco this weekend. You can check it out online if you’re interested.