Astronaut Academy in Book Form

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

This came out while I was bumming around over the summer and not posting comics, so I’m a little bit late in promoting it, but my fellow Lunchbox Funnier, Dave Roman, hit the big time with his Astronaut Elementary comic. You can get it now in printed book form from the great publisher, First Second.

If you’ve been to any comic convention, book fair, or kids’ comic-themed event in the last ten years, then the chances are pretty good that you’ve seen Dave there. That dude works his butt off. He’s everywhere. So I’m really jacked to see his comic on bookshelves everywhere.

Pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore, or save yourself and trip to the store and order it straight from Amazon. It’s called Astronaut Academy:Zero Gravity. Check it out.