Forty Two is a Magic Number

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Happy New Year everybody. I hope the hangovers aren’t too bad this morning.

For some reason Page 42 has become an important one for this comic. For all three Zip and Li’l Bit stories, it’s wound up being one of the first pages I’ve completed when drawing the story.

For The Upside-Down Me, there wasn’t really any reason to draw that page first but it had a gag on there that I thought was funny, and seemed like a good page to start with. I hadn’t even really defined the look of the characters at that point. I probably have a page floating around my house with Zip, Li’l Bit, and Officer John drawn where they look really strange and amateurish.

In The Sky Kayak, page 42 was one of the first pages with the two birds, Cisco and Frank. I skipped ahead to draw that one so that I could figure out how I wanted the birds to look and how to color them.

And here we are again at page 42. I think you can see why I’d do this one early on, since, in many ways, our character, Livingston, seems to be the main point of the story.