MoCCA Festival 2012

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

I headed over to the annual MoCCA Festival here in New York this weekend. It was a nice show. Of course I spent way more money than I wanted to, but as usual came home with some great stuff. Some of my best loot this time out was the new Mickey Mouse book, High Noon at Inferno Gulch, from Fantagraphics (Yay, Mickey!), and New York Mon Amour by Jacques Tardi (Vive la France!).

I also picked up my first Manga book, a super sad story titled Stargazing Dog, by Takashi Murakami. It had a awesome cover of a white dog in the midst of a field of sunflowers which sucked me in, but then the story was so sad I was crying like a little girl as I was reading it on the subway on the way home. Not my most macho moment in public I’m afraid, but it happens, right?

See you next week.