That’s It!

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

So that wraps up The Captain’s Quest. I hope everyone liked the story. If you can, post a comment and let me know what you thought of the story. I enjoyed writing and drawing it quite a bit.

So what’s next? I’m hopeful that this isn’t the end of Zip and Li’l Bit. I’ve got a couple other story ideas that I’m kicking around but I’m not sure what form the comic will come out as. Ideally, I want to get them published in print form, so we’ll see what happens.

Before that, I’ve got a couple of other small projects lined up. The one I’m working on now is a children’s book/app for the iPad. The story is titled the Dino-Store. It’s written by a great poet I know named Roger Sedarat and I’m doing the drawing and painting. Here’s an early sneak peek:

Dino-Store Promo

That will be available on iTunes in the Fall. The website for the book is here. Check back to find out when it’ll be due out.

So, that’s all folks. I hope we’ll see more Zip and Li’l Bit soon.

11 Responses to “That’s It!”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I would love to get these in print! Congrats on another fun tale!

  2. Owen Keegan Says:

    Another great Zip and Li’l Bit concluded! I loved this story (and the other Z&LB’s). I especially love in all the stories how the house itself factors in as a character or a key element. In the Captain’s Quest, the magically expanding basement stairs was an awesome touch, and reminded me of House of Leaves, even if that book isn’t really in the same spirit as your comic. I would definitely buy a print version of Z&LB comics. My five-year-old niece would love this comic, but I don’t think her parents really let her on the internet very much, so a print version would be ideal.

  3. morosepoet Says:

    loved it! as always! sad it ended but it was great journey! can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Rich Says:

    New project looks real cool Trade! Although I do hope to see Z&LB again! Best of Luck!

  5. Trade Says:

    Thanks for the comments, folks. I really appreciate the notes.

    I do hope we’ll see more Zip and LI’l Bit in the future. Do check back from time to time. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a chance to either post a new story, or will have information about Zip and Bit in print.

  6. Schwa Says:

    Wonderful! I haven’t checked back in a bit, and it’s all done!

  7. Jason Says:

    Great wrapup, Trade! Really enjoyed the entire story altho it leaves me quite curious about the Captain, Mr. Wob and the Sea-King’s fate.

    As an aside, we went to the wife’s family reunion in Maine the first two weeks of July, as this story was wrapping up. The squid were running and I must’ve caught 20 of them over a few days. Lotsa fun as they come squirting out of the water and spray ink all over the catch bucket. Tasty critters, too. Remind me to tell you about it when your next out this way. Also caught a lot of mackerel, including a set of *six* at the same time. Maine has some good fishing.

  8. Trade Says:

    Hi Schwa,

    Glad you were able to check in and get to read the whole story. I hope you enjoyed it. Check back from time to time and see if I’ve got any new stuff posted.

  9. Trade Says:

    Hey Jas,

    Dude, Maine sounds like a great time. I haven’t been fishing in a million years. I’m missing it.

    Glad you liked the story too. I’ll have to give you a yell next time I’m out in California.

  10. Wolf-Dieter Says:

    Like the older stories — the drawings are as ingenious as the story. Compliments. Worthy successor of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo. Compliments again.

  11. Trade Says:

    Hi Wolf,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I’m a big fan of Little Nemo too. What I like best about those old strips is that I’m blown away when I look at them at how creative Windsor McCay was with his artwork and his designs. He was amazing.

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