What I’m Reading, Part 2 (Contemporary Comics)

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Anticipation for the next issue was one of the things I loved most about collecting comics when I was a kid. For the longest time, we didn’t have a comic book store in my town, so most of my comics were bought on Thursday afternoons when the new comics would come in at the 7-11, and read, if not in the parking lot, then on the floor of the living room as soon as I got home.

Back then I would look forward to practically everything that came out. I’m not so crazy now, but there are still a few that I can’t wait for.

I’m a huge fan of Richard Sala. His latest comic is called Delphine and the next issue of that is the one I’m waiting for the most. So far, this series has been awesome!

I’ve loved reading Hellboy since the very first issue. I’ve always admired Mike Mignola’s artwork, and even though he’s not drawing the books anymore, the artists that are working on the Hellboy and B.P.R.D. titles are excellent. Guy Davis and Duncan Fegredo both have nice art styles, but what blows me away is that they seem to be able to draw anything. They’re really good.

The other title that I’m always looking forward to is Love and Rockets. Even after all this time, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez still manage to amaze me with their writing, their artwork, and their beautiful characters.