Back From Bethesda

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

It was a great time at the Small Press Expo last weekend. I got to meet a few people, actually, it felt like I met quite a few people. It was almost a little overwhelming.

I picked up a great comic called Blink, from a guy named Max Ink. I was blown away by Max’s line work and sat at his table talking to him for awhile. Max’s artwork is awesome, and his writing is good too. I also met Kristofer Straub, who does a webcomic called Starslip Crisis. I hadn’t read his comic before but immediately recognized his artwork when I was talking to him. I picked up one of his books, Checkerboard Nightmare, which I’m digging quite a bit.

I also hung out for awhile with an old friend of mine named Mike Dawson. Mike has a book coming out from Bloomsbury this year called Freddie and Me. It’s going to be great. Mike and I worked together at Scholastic for a couple of years so I always enjoy hanging out with him. Not only can we talk about comics, but we can also badmouth the people that we used to work with. ;)

I got to spend some time talking with my Lunchbox Funnies mate, the internet’s Dean Trippe. He was sitting at a table next to his real-life neighbor, Jason Horn. I hadn’t seen any of Jason’s work before, but I got a couple of minicomics from him and I’m a fan now.

I have to say a few words about Mr. Trippe. When I was just getting started posting Zip and Li’l Bit a little over a year ago, I got my first “fan” email from Dean. It was the greatest thing ever because I was a huge Butterfly fan. I was really blown away that someone who I really admired took the time to send me a note of encouragement. That’s hella cool, right?