Storytelling 101a

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

When I was finishing this page, I was really happy with how it worked out, which seemed weird to me because there’s nothing necessarily striking or bombastic about the layout or the drawing of the characters, and as far as the writing goes, it moves the story along but there’s no huge point I needed to get across (although we find out Zip’s shadow likes grits, but who doesn’t?).

Now this may seem like a lame thing to focus on, but I think what I really like about this page is the items in the foregrounds of the first four panels and how they tie those panels together. It’s something that I can’t quite make work all the time, but it sure helps make the composition of the pictures more interesting and gives me more options to work in subtle story elements if I need to.

I hope I don’t sound like a windbag talking about my own artwork, but I wind up thinking about it a lot. Perhaps I need to spend less time at the drawing table and more time interacting with actual people. My wife and kid would probably appreciate that. ;)