Teleporting Cow Loose on the Internet

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

I’m a big fan of my fellow Lunchbox Funnies mate Mike Maihack’s comic Cow & Buffalo, so I was more than a little concerned when one half of his comic duo (Cow) accidentally teleported himself out of his comic. Where did he go? What are the other characters, Buffalo and Cabbie, going to do? Will the current, long-running storyline ever end?

Apparently, Cow has gotten himself really lost and is showing up in various comic strips all over the web. Mike has placed a Cow Tracker up on his site to help keep track of where his creation has been spotted, but who knows if everything will work out all right. I’ve got my fingers crossed though, hoping that somehow Cow makes it back to Mike’s comic safe and sound.

By the way, there’s an easter egg in today’s comic.