Door Open or Closed

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

When I first wrote this page a few months back, it started out with an image stuck in my head of Li’l Bit sitting on the potty. If you have kids, you know potty breaks are a pretty common occurance, as I guess they are for adults as well. Once I started working on the page though, I just couldn’t capture the image that was in my head in a manner that seemed innocent and tasteful. I tried a number of times and just couldn’t get it. Finally I had to settle on the picture I used for the fourth panel showing the bathroom door from out in the hallway.

I did see how it could be done though. In the most recent issue of Love & Rockets, Jaime Hernandez does some beautiful drawings of Maggie as a little girl when she’s taking a potty break. I guess that’s why he’s the best comic artist working.