Christmas Cards and Stuff

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Any Wally and Osborne fans out there will be happy to know (if you don’t already) that our friend, Tyler Martin, is back at the computer drawing board and updating his site again. He claims he was taking time off to hang with his wife and kids and newborn son… whatever. I’m just glad to see that polar bear and penguin back.

In other news, my “real” job right now is as a graphic designer for a company called Wireless Generation which creates educational assessment software for teachers and school administrators. As part of that job, I did the illustration for our company Christmas card this year, which is, officially, my first professional print work. I’ve actually done quite a bit of illustration work for different things on the web (this site for one, although I’m not making any money off it), but this Christmas card was my first work specifically for print. Check it out:

Christmas Card Illo

And finally, I know I’ve been pretty bad about getting the RSS feed working for this comic, but it’s finally all up and running, so if you want to read the comic that way, you know what to do (at least I hope you do because to be honest I don’t, but my friend, Tyler, set it all up and it seems to be working). :)