My Mutant Ability

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Back when I used to read a lot of Marvel comics there was a character in the New Mutants named Doug Ramsey. I’m not sure if he’s still around. I think he was killed off, but that never means anything in comics. I remember the character because he was hanging around with the other heroes but didn’t have any superpowers. Ironically, it turned out he did have a mutant superpower which was the ability to understand languages. What a weenie power (in superhero terms anyway)! I loved it!!

Anyway, I’ve discovered I have a mutant ability almost equally as useless. I can draw pretty close to a perfect circle. When I started drawing the sky kayak, I didn’t want to use a template or anything for the balloon because I wanted it to look a little uneven as if the air inside it was shifting around. As I was drawing it over and over and over, I began to realize my circles were looking pretty good. Occasionally, I check one of my pencil sketches out after I’d scanned it in to Photoshop, and it’d be almost spot on. It kind of freaked me out.

Of course, then I’d go over it in ink and screw it up. I don’t know how it is with other artists out there but drawing a long curved line is the toughest thing for me to do with a pen, especially if I go back over it with a brush or something to try and add some weight to the line. So I guess in the end I got the uneven character in the balloon that I wanted. Funny how things work out like that.