Deleted Scene

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

As a little extra bonus for today, I thought I’d include a page which didn’t make the cut for the comic. The following rough sketch was actually one of the first pages I had written for the whole sequence of the kids up in the clouds. I really liked the way the sequence brought out Zip’s Shadow’s character and thought it would be a nice page but I wasn’t sure how copyright stuff worked for song lyrics, so when I was writing it down, I looked at it as kind of a throwaway page. There weren’t any important plot elements revealed in this page, nor did it move the story from one scene to another, so I wasn’t concerned if I didn’t end up using it. In the end, I actually had more than enough content to fill up the story, so this page was one that I went ahead and did without. I hope you like it anyway, though:

Sample Rough Page

Panel 1-1:I’ll fly away, O Glory. I’ll fly away.

Panel 2-1:When I die, Hallelujah, bye and bye. I’ll fly away.
Panel 2-2: “Hey, stop that singing!”

Panel 3-1: “What’s the matter, Mr. Shadow? It’s just a song about flying.”

Panel 4-1: “It’s not about flying. It’s about what happens to you when you die.”

Panel 5-1: “Are you afraid of dying?”
Panel 5-2: “Of course I am. I’m a shadow.”

Panel 6-1: “I don’t think you and I are going to go to the same place.”

“I’ll Fly Away” copyright Albert E. Brumley and Sons/Hartford Music Company