Hablando Espanol

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Spanish translations for Cisco are provided by my good friend, Victor Aragon. I’m afraid I can only hope he’s doing a good job. Sadly, the only Spanish I know are curse words which, despite how they’re portrayed in today’s comic, are actually different in other languages.

Unfortunately, knowing swear words in another language isn’t really as cool as you might think, although the story of how I learned to swear in Spanish is a good one. I went straight into the service out of high school and was stationed down near San Diego for a couple of years. While down there, I shared a room with a guy from Fresno named Craig who was Latino, and the Corporal who was in charge of me at the shop where I worked, a guy named Lewie, was also Latino. I had the bright idea to get Craig to teach me some cuss words so when Lewie was yelling at me in Spanish, I could say something back. It worked great the first time I tried it. Lewie’s eyes were huge he was so surprised. When I told him Craig had taught me what to say, he taught me some more, uh, Spanish to tell Craig when I got back to our rooms. This went back and forth a couple times with me learning new things to say until one day I said something I was told to say to Lewie that started him laughing really hard. Apparently, I was saying that I could perform a certain anatomically impossible act upon myself and how much I enjoyed that act. It was pretty funny, I guess, but it marked the end of my quest to learn Spanish. ;)

Note: Sorry the title for this post isn’t quite correct. Apparently, the font that I choose for the titles on my website doesn’t speak EspaƱol either.