Great Plan, Fellas

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

I wish I would have realized that Cisco and Frank’s plan wasn’t going to work when I started writing it, it would have saved me the trouble of drawing all those birds. I guess the kids will have to think up some other way to get down, except that they don’t really seem too concerned about it, do they? They’d better start worrying though, we’re almost to page 50.

3 Responses to “Great Plan, Fellas”

  1. Esn Says:

    To be fair, you can’t really tell if you’re sinking or not when you’re that high up in the sky. There’s no reference point.

  2. Esn Says:

    And wow, I just noticed that you even have some birds fluttering their wings in different panels. That must’ve taken ages to do…

  3. Trade Says:

    Yeah, on the inking end of things, this page took a bit of time, but that was offset with being able to trace over a lot of the stuff like the kayak and the main positions of all the characters, so I think it ended up about a wash with what it normally takes me.

    I’ve yet to re-use an image for this comic. Reusing the exact same image seems very static to me and when I’ve had instances in my stories that I’ve needed keep the image the same it’s usually to show the passage of time or something like that which doesn’t really feel right if things are exactly the same. I’ll trace over stuff and re-ink it with minor differences, but I’ve yet to actually just use the same panel over, although this page tempted me quite a bit.