What I’m Reading, Part 6 (More Classics)

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

I think I had posted awhile ago about how much I loved the big Terry and the Pirates collection that is being published by IDW Publishing. Well, the third book of that collection just came out last week and the comic strip just keeps getting better and better. The first book, which collects the first two years of the strip from 1934-1936, was really good. But the second book, which runs from 1937-1938, is at least fifty times better. I just picked up the third volume, 1939-1940, and am about halfway through it and have to say that it’s at least fifty times better than the second book was. I had been a big fan of Milt Caniff’s Steve Canyon comic in the paper when I was a kid, but had never read his Terry and the Pirates comic before, so this has just been a great treat for me to discover these comics for the first time.

There are two downsides to these books though. First off, they’re so nicely put together that the price is a bit steep. I just checked on Amazon and they’re listed at about $30. The second drawback is that it’s heavy reading, in that the books are really thick. I’m totally working out my arms holding the book up for hours because I can’t put it down.

Now, to change the topic and recommend some more contemporary webcomic reading, I discovered a brand new comic called Radbod that looks awesome. The characters have a fun Gumby feel to them, and the colors are fantastic. The story is just starting up so it’ll be fun to see where it goes. I hope you enjoy it. (link via Drawn!)