My MoCCA Swag

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Yay! Mr. Shadow is back! Of course, everyone knew about that little blacking out problem that shadows have, right?

It was a really busy time last weekend. They had the MoCCA Art Festival here in New York and it was a blast! I spent most of the time hanging out with fellow Lunchbox Funnies creators, Ryan Sias, and Mike Maihack. Our other Lunchbox alum, Dave Roman, was there as well. It was great fun hanging around talking to everybody that came by to say “hello”, and also sneaking off to say “hi” to all of the other creators who were there who I am a big fan of.

I bought a ton of great comics, too. Some new, and some older stuff that I just hadn’t gotten around to reading yet. Here are some of the highlights of stuff I picked up:

One of my good friends, Mike Dawson, just had a book published called, “Freddie and Me”. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and not just because I’ve known Mike for about four years now. Here’s how much I liked his book. It was an extremely hot weekend back here in New York and on Sunday the power went out at our apartment so we had no lights. Mike’s book was too good though, so I had to read the whole thing by flashlight. It was one of those little spring powered flashlights too, so I’d have to wind it up every couple of pages to keep the light strong.

From the First/Second booth at MoCCA, I picked up a copy of “Laika”, by Nick Abadzis. This was another one that was so awesome, I read all in one sitting. Thankfully, our power was only out for a day so I didn’t have to use a flashlight for this one, although I would have.

Frank Cammuso has a new book out from Scholastic called “Knights of the Lunch Table”. This is a fun kids book that I loved. One warning though, there is a rhyming scene in the book with the school lunch ladies which really made me laugh, but now I can’t get the rhymes out of my head.

I picked up a copy of Kean Soo’s, “Jellaby” which I had to buy twice. I asked Kean to sign a copy of his book for me but then when I got home, my son grabbed it right away but Kean had signed it to me. So the next day, I took my son with me so he could have his own copy. Thankfully, Kean was nice enough to sign another book for us. So everything was all good. Whew!

Okay, hope everyone makes it back next week. Maybe we’ll see Zip’s Mom.

7 Responses to “My MoCCA Swag”

  1. Don J Says:

    I’m looking forward to the possibility of seeing Zip’s mom!

    I’m also curious about Zip’s pose in the last three panels. I assume he fell asleep so fast that he didn’t get laid down properly, but the palm up hand position strikes me as odd. I assume there is a logical explanation!

  2. Jodi Says:

    Hi Uncle Trade!

    Dad just showed me your site, it’s great! I hope all is going well =)

    Jodi Martinez

  3. Santiago Says:

    Poor Zip… no sleep at all! You’re so cruel to him! ;)

    (excellent job… Zip and Bit is one of the best comics being done right now. Period!)

  4. Andertoons Says:

    LOVE th pose he fell asleep in! Kids fall asleep in the weirdest ways. They’re like little sleepy contortionists…

    Hope to meet Zip’s mom!

  5. Richard Blanco Says:

    Great stuff!!!
    You’re the man!!!
    Best regards,

    Richard Blanco

  6. John Says:

    It was good meeting you at MoCCA, Trade! I just finished reading “Jellaby” last night, and it was a great book.

  7. Trade Says:

    Hey Don, your assumption about Zip falling asleep so fast he didn’t lay down properly is correct. There isn’t really any logical explanation for the palm up hand positions. I wasn’t happy with the way it looked when I tried to draw him with his hands facing down so I went with the palms up. Hope you like seeing Zip’s mom. Of course I couldn’t really show what she looks like, though, could I?

    Hey Jodi, Great to hear from you. I’ll have to send you over an email.

    Santiago, Mark, Richard, thanks for the props! :)
    It’ll be a bit of a break for Zip and Li’l Bit coming up, but I hope you guys can make it back when the next story starts up.

    John, Thanks for coming by at MoCCA. I’ll see you at the Baltimore Comic Con in the Fall. “Jellaby” is a great book. My kid loves that one.