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Saturday, September 8th, 2007

The Upside-Down Me is a 62 page comic starring a little boy, Zip, his sister, Elizabeth (“we call her Li’l Bit”), a friend of theirs, Officer John, and the semi-mysterious Upside-Down Me.

Originally envisioned as a full-length printed comic book, it has been adapted for the Web and is presented here as a twice-weekly comic strip, posting on Thursdays and Sundays.

This book is dedicated to my Grandmother, Violet, and my son, Clark.

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  1. Joel Says:

    Great comic, read it with my kids, you have an incredible imagination.
    thanks for the fun

  2. Trade Says:

    Thanks, Joel. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and that you were able to share it with your kids. I hope they enjoyed it as well.

    Being a parent myself (my son is almost four), I’ve discovered that it’s very important to find books that I enjoy when reading with my boy. He’s got a lot of books that he likes that I think are just awful, which makes it kind of a chore when reading those with him. Luckily, there is a lot of good stuff that we both like and can both enjoy, which is good because those get read over and over and over and over.

  3. Anton Sherwood Says:

    Delightful! What’s next?

  4. Trade Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Anton. Let me suggest you check out The Sky Kayak. I think you’ll like it. :)

  5. Seraphine Says:

    Sisters are honest. When it suits them, of course.
    Being busted with sheep in the room is a biggie.
    No sister would let that pass without comment…

  6. Trade Says:

    Ha! I was wondering when someone would bring that one up. Having counting sheep in the room is like taking baths with your brothers and sisters — It’s completely acceptable, if not great fun, when you’re young but probably not something you’d want to continue with as you get older.

    And you’re right, sisters are honest when it suits them… BRUTALLY honest. :(

  7. Frank Says:

    Hi Mr. Loeffler,

    I am very much looking forward to meeting you at the Free Library Festival in Philly! Would you be doing any quick-sketch? I own a Miller Hulk, a Andru Spiderman, and a Byrne X-men; so I would be very happy to get a Phoenix sketch from you for my collection! (Did you read Leonardi’s Cloak and Dagger? I was a big fan!)

    PS. It may interest to to know that the Library has a collection of original artworks by Beatrix Potter in their rare book section and several illustration paintings by N.C. Wyeth in the basement. A few blocks away, there is the tiny Rosenbach Museum which houses a Lewis Carroll collection.

  8. Trade Says:

    Hi Frank,

    Cool, I’ll be excited to see you there. Make sure to introduce yourself. I did read those Cloak and Dagger issues. I had kind of forgotten about those ones, but they were great. I probably haven’t drawn Phoenix since I was in high school, but for you I’ll give it a shot. I bet your Andru Spiderman is awesome! He was hands down my favorite Spiderman artist. I loved his work so much.

    Are the Beatrix Potter illustrations on display there at the library? I’d love to see them.

    My wife and I visited the Rosenbach Museum a few years ago to see the Lewis Carroll collection but they didn’t have any of it out for display. They had a beautiful display of Maurice Sendak work out though. It was incredible. And of course all the books and other items were amazing. That place is a hidden gem.

    I’ll see you in a few weeks.

  9. Daniel Chaffin Says:

    Hey, that was great! I feel a little light headed now. I noticed that the letters on the Zips’ “Big Woolies” kept changing. Is there something to that or are you just trying to confuse me?

  10. Trade Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked this story. I hope you enjoy The Sky Kayak, and The Captain’s Quest as well.

    The thing with Zip’s letters is an idea that I had when I first started drawing this. I thought it’d be pretty cool to have the letters change and spell out stuff, but it proved too hard to do because he’s moving around all the time and you can’t always see the letter, so I just went with the alphabet on there. I dig it because it’s something you could only do with comics.

  11. David Reno Says:

    Hi Trade,

    I love the comic. I see you dedicated the book to your son, Clark. How’d you pick that name? Were you a Will Clark fan or maybe you named him after someone you knew.


  12. Trade Says:

    Hey Dave,
    Glad you were able to check out the comic. Clark is a pretty cool name, but we didn’t name him after The Thrill, although that would have been cool. And we didn’t name him after Sean and Chris either. :)

  13. Ash Meer Says:

    Hi Trade, I love this comic, It combines the surrealism of a Little Nemo, with the warm, multi-generational quality of Suske and Wuske. Really nicely done. My daughter was in your son’s kindergarten class. Did you know there is a comic book writing class in the afterschool program? I bet they would love to have you come in as a guest speaker…!


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